...a problem turned solution.

We are turning a climate killer into a carbon sink. Turning water hyacinths into biochar Turning an invasive weed into a valuable soil enhancer.

Water hyacinths utilization has the power to transform affected communities. With our model, their biggest problem is becoming their source of income.

What intrests you most?

Who would have thought that a plant can be so devestating? Water hyacinths turned from ornamental plants into an ecological nightmare.

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The production of water hyacinths char is simple: Harvest, dry, carbonize. Peter Bassey set up his production in Lagos, Nigeria, with just 50$.

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All C2C-Biochar has a triple positive impact. The C2C-Biochar is made by independent producers who follow our guidelines.

Why Removal doesn't work...

Removal is not sustainable. Removal will never be sustainable. As there is no value addition, a constant investment is needed. It is a money sink. There are not enough funds available to finance a constant long-term removal of water hycacinths. 

A mind shift is needed

Water hyacinths are the single most available free biomass. It is a never ending resource! Water hyacinths utilization removes the weed while adding value to it. There are already some successful projects that use water hyacinths into hand crafts.

But let’s think bigger: A product that is needed by many people in large quantities… biogas, compost or biochar

Part of the problem or part of the solution?

I want to be part of the solution!

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