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We are an alliance to our producers. We work to make their productions self-financing; A source of income for them and their communities. You can do it too. Your donation has a direct impact on the climate, on food security and on the lives of the community members.

Peter Bassey from Lagos, Nigeria, uses our Char2Cool-Model to produce water hyacinths biochar. The production is supposed to finance itself through the sales of biochar. The idea is simple; Peter produces the water hyacinths biochar and lokal farmers buy it as a soil enhancer.

There is just one problem: Farmers around Lagos can’t take the risk of buying soil enhancer… unless it is proven to work. So we will prove it, with your help. We will give workshops to farmers and set up a biochar learning center with a demonstration site. 

Check out our project and on and contribute to make this vision become reality.

Self-financing Climate Protection...

…with water hyacinths char!

Water hyacinths what? Water hyacinths are an aquatic weed that blocks water bodies and emits methane when decomposing. An economic, social and ecological catastrophe! 

Our Product

C2C-Biochar, water hyacinths char. Biochar is a natural soil enhancer that stores water and nutrients. Therefore, plants grow much faster and produce more fruits. Biochar is also a permanent carbon sink.

Our Model

The C2C-Biochar productions are set up by young local entrepreneurs, like Peter Bassey from Lagos, Nigeria. Peter built his first C2C-Kiln, for the production of C2C-Biochar, with just 50$ seed capital. Peter has produced six tons of C2C-Biochar and hired two workers since he started in April.

What is missing? The market… At the moment, Peter is supplying three farmers, that is not enough. So we are buying the C2C-Biochar ourselves.

Our Goal

Sustainable development means that producers of C2C-Biochar, like Peter, can finance themselves. The income has to be generated locally! But local farmers can’t afford to take the risk of spending money on a new soil enhancer… unless it is proven to work. That is exactly what we will do. We will build a learning center and demonstration site for C2C-Biochar. We will plant tomatoes, bell pepper and maize to show the effect of C2C-Biochar on plant growth and crop yield. Once the farmers can see it for themselves, the demand for C2C-Biochar increases. At the same time we will organize 50 workshops to teach farmers how C2C-Biochar increases soil health and fertility. We will reach a total of 1000 farmers. With a turn-over rate of only 10%, we have generated 100 customers and built a stable market. 

…and Peter’s climate protection business suddenly finances itself. 

This way we will prove that Char2Cool has developed a self-financing model for sustainable development… wherever there are water hyacinths.

Your donation has a triple impact!

  1. Farmers get access to biochar; Their crop yield and food security increases.
  2. A biochar market is created; Producers like Peter can profit and create jobs.
  3. More climate protection means less climate change; We bind CO2 and prevent methane.

Part of the problem or part of the solution?

I want to be part of the solution!

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