...climate protection can finance itself.

Today’s understanding is that climate protection and profit don’t go together. You have to choose: 

  • You want to save our planet? Get ready to spend 90% writing project proposals to get funding.
  • You want to make a living for your family? Throw your ideals out of the window.

Char2Cool connects climate action with income generation. What we have created is tomorrow’s reality, where climate-protector can be a full-time job. Where you make a living for your family by saving our planet. Having a self-financing model for climate protection makes us independent. 

We make idealism viable!

We don’t have to justify our actions to any cooperative sponsors. We have to justify our actions to the next generation.

The C2C-Model

This is the ultimate win-win-win and win situation!


…is able to provide the framework needed to unlock the potential of local producers. The money earned with carbon offsets keeps our operations running.

Independent Producers

…make a living with the sales of C2C-Biochar. By building up a successful business they are also creating jobs for their communities.

Local Farmers

…finally have a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers. The C2C-Biochar rebuilds their soils and boosts crop yields permanently.

Climate Protectors

…mitigate climate change with the purchase of fully transparent carbon offsets. C2C-Offsets will make your everyday life climate positive.

How we find our Partners...

We don’t! Our partners find us. Each and every one of our independent producers took initiative and reached out to us. The C2C-Model empowers young entrepreneurs who are ready to change their communities. Their inner drive is our key to success. A project rises and falls with the people behind it… and our people are 110% motivated, dedicated and eager to bring change.

Part of the problem or part of the solution?

I want to be part of the solution!

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