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CO2 levels are rising, hope is sinking. How can we protect our climate? Everyone knows, that plants capture carbon temporarily. We turn weeds into biochar to capture carbon permanently. That’s how we protect our climate!

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Climate-Fighters, Friday-Protesters, Change-Makers, Dreamers and Believers… It takes all of us to reverse climate change. But for years climate policies have been put off. Empty rhetoric doesn’t prevent drought, wildfires and flooding. The government can’t put climate over profit? We can!

We make biochar!

We make biochar – a natural soil enhancer and permanent carbon sink! All of our biochar is made from water hyacinths. Water hyacinths? Yes, the fastest growing plant on our planet. This aquatic weed is a threat to water bodies all over Africa and Asia. The dense covers of water hyacinths are blocking harbours, fishing grounds and hydroelectric power plants. 

Let’s not focus on the problems, let’s focus on solutions!

Water hyacinths are a never ending biomass, a free resource in countries of limited resources. And if we make biochar from it, we can help the climate, the soil and communities. 

Right now, the water hyacinths die off and sink to the ground they will decompose in an oxygen poor environment. The result? Methane, a greenhouse gas multiple times as harmful as CO2. The harvest prevents methane formation and the carbonization stabilizes the carbon in a solid form: Water hyacinths Char!

Biochar is a natural soil enhancer!

Biochar is a natural soil enhancer. The small pores are can hold water and nutrients. When you mix biochar in the topsoil, water and nutrients will be readily available to plants. This lowers the need for irrigation and fertilizer. Have we mentioned yet that the carbon in the biochar can also counteract the acidity of soils?

When producing soil enhancer in an country with over 80% of the population working in agriculture, you’ve hit the jackpot. Our local producers can make a living from selling biochar. At the same time the farmers profit, as they need less water, less fertilizer and have a higher crop yields.

Income generation through climate action!

We at Char2Cool make climate protection self-sustainable. 

We keep learning, we keep progressing. Join us on our journey!

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